Couscous ? yeahyeah !


A little 5 minute recipe today : a hearty tomatoey couscous. I fucking love couscous ! I think couscous is the best hiking food you can get : it’s nutritious (especially wholemeal couscous), it’s compact as it fluffs up, it’s water saving… but mainly it’s delish’ ! So delish’ I might swear a little bit…

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My little bag of magic

Personal chefs usually have their little briefcase full of knives, I have my little toiletry bag full of flavours. My bag contains all the essentials for variety in my breakfast lunch and dinner in the backcountry. Like a girls band once said “Spice up your life” !


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Four steps to a delicious camping meal


When I cook, I try to do one pot meals, quick to cook, water conscious and limiting the amount of dishes to wash.

There are options of prepacked already made dehydrated meals, but these are often expensive and not fitting everybody’s diets and let’s be completely honest : nothing taste better than your own home/tent food.

A basic hiking food list could be divided in four categories :

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