My little bag of magic

Personal chefs usually have their little briefcase full of knives, I have my little toiletry bag full of flavours. My bag contains all the essentials for variety in my breakfast lunch and dinner in the backcountry. Like a girls band once said “Spice up your life” !


My bag is relatively compact : 10X25cm. Before having this beautiful perfect size soft loincloth bag from Cameroon I used a tupperware to keep all my spices, oils and sauces. 


At the moment in there I’ve got :

Olive+canola oil mix, sesame oil,

Soy sauce, Maggi seasoning

Garlic powder, smokey paprika, pepper, mixed herbs, 

Vegetable stock, home made curry mix,

Tomato paste,

Home made seeds mix (linseed, sesame seeds, poppy seeds)

Fresh lemon and ginger

packed either in nalgene (BPA free) bottles/recipients, jars (heavy) or in sandwich bags (light).


I also have raw sugar, coconut milk powder and soy milk powder as well as a bag of coffee and tea sachets. All labelled for if somebody else at the camp is of cooking duty and you’re off in the bush.


… but my magic bag isn’t the same for every hike, I may have chilli flakes, onion powder, bouillon cubes, curry paste, bush dukah mix, honey… and always different kinds of instant soup mixes. It all depends on what I roughly plan to cook and how long I’m walking for, how many people are with me etc…

I love having my little bag well organised. Having an overview of the possibilities helps me answer the crucial question “how the hell am I suppose to make this stupid boring white rice taste great ?”

So if you ever asked yourself that question, I highly recommend that you make your own little magic bag, whether for hiking, cyclo touring or festival. And if you already have one, please tell me what’s in it ?

Cheers, more recipes to come soon and a post about nutrition basics. 


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