Couscous ? yeahyeah !


A little 5 minute recipe today : a hearty tomatoey couscous. I fucking love couscous ! I think couscous is the best hiking food you can get : it’s nutritious (especially wholemeal couscous), it’s compact as it fluffs up, it’s water saving… but mainly it’s delish’ ! So delish’ I might swear a little bit…

So for this couscous for one fucking hungry person you will need 


  • 111g couscous
  • tomato paste

  • a tiny capsicum

  • chilly paste (or chili flakes)

  • olive oil

  • vegetable stock

  • Maggi seasoning

  • mixed seeds (flaxseeds, sesame and chia)

  • savoury yeast flakes

  • garlic powder, smoked paprika, cracked pepper

  • and about 400mL of Water

Okay so start boiling the water and add 2 big badass spoons of tomato paste and the little capsicum roughly diced.


Never forget : no couscous is complete without couscous. Turn down your burner to minimum flame and add it until it reaches a bit over half your amount of water (1 volume couscous for 1.66666666 volume water).

Then straight away add about 2 tablespoon of oil and stir it up little darling

4addcouscous    5oil

Simmer for one minute then turn off your burner, cover and let it rest for 3 minutes.

Then wake it up by seasoning the shit out of it : Maggi seasoning, chilli paste, garlic powder, cracked pepper, smokey paprika, yeast flakes… go crazy ! Add also the seeds – it’s good for you. 

You can make it look pretty if you want…7result1

… but it’s gonna look like this eventually :
Either way, it tastes like heaven with chillis from hell, which is what you want, ain’t it ?!


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