Creamy vegan mac & cheese

Yes, it’s possible, it’s easy and it’s so much better than the shitty processed prepacked mac and cheese.


Let’s be completely honest here : I tried a few brands and in my French frank opinion, vegan cheese doesn’t taste quite the same than good old dairy cheese.

However, for some uses in grande cuisine dishes like mac & cheese, it can give a very similar savoury aroma and consistency.

Moreover, being dairy free and often packed under void of air, vegan cheese doesn’t tend to go off or melt as fast as dairy cheese, which is very convenient for hiking in summer. And I’m not even talking about ethics or environmental benefits to it, you do your own research and you put whatever you want in your mouth.


So for this 2 serves creamy mac and cheese we need :

  • Mac…
  • …And cheese

Thanks for reading see you next week

Okay seriously we need : 

  • 300g of Small, cooking fast pasta with a very Italian name DSCN2458
  • Savoury yeast flakes

  • 125g of Cheddar style vegan cheese – I didn’t have it for this recipe but I recommend the brand Vegusto – if you can put your hands on the “Vegusto No-muh piquant” (and if you can afford to buy it…) try it.


  • Vegetable stock 
  • Olive oil

  • Maggie seasoning – no pasta recipe is complete without maggie

  • Garlic powder, smocked paprika, pepper

So super easy recipe and not many ingredients needed. Start boiling 500mL of water with a spoon of vegetable stock for the taste. Once boiling, add the pasta and some oil to prevent the pasta to stick in the pan.



Start cutting the cheese finely 


Keep stirring from time to time until the pasta’s cooked and there’s only one way to know when they are –> tasting. Drain most of the water but keep a little bit in there – around 100mL I’d say. That water will turn creamy with the yeast flakes and will help the cheese to melt.

Put the Maggie, stir, cheese, stir, savoury yeast flakes, stir stir and stir until it’s all melted and creamy and awesome. A pinch of garlic powder, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of smocked paprika for the aftertaste.



BIM ! Shove it in your face or dig in gently I don’t give a damn as long as you savour it !



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