French onion mash

A la carte today a quick and easy cheesy recipe : Mashed potato.


In that case that was a kayaking trip recipe actually, cooked on fire in a shelter. You won’t need many ingredients to make a delicious instant mashed potato : 


For two hungry and wet kayakers you’d want :

  • 115 g instant mashed potato
  • two individual or a big french onion soup mix sachet
  • 100 g of cheese minimum (there’s no maximum !)
  • oil, pepper and garlic powder (didn’t use Maggie seasoning for once ^^)
  • 600 mL water 

Alrighty now because I’m a dumb dumb I bought the wrong gas cartridge for my butagaz so we boiled the water on the fire and that was loooooooong. But at least we could dry our clothes a bit and warm ourselves up.


Once boiling, put the French onion soup mix in and stir occasionally for 5 minutes.


Take it out of your heat source and split the soup in half into two bowls. Make it even to avoid food conflict with your partner.


Mix the instant mash, add oil, spices and all the cheese you can find (whatever kind of cheese according to your taste but I recommend Gruyere). 


Mix again until strings of cheese appear. Since we had a fire in a fireplace and some eucalyptus leaves around we could have added smokey flavor to our mash, but at that point we were way too starving and just digged in. 


Yum ! 


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